About Tokens magazine

Leaves by John Grauer

Tokens magazine has established its presence as the distinctive artistic voice of a worldwide growing spiritual community.  We are open to contributions from Bahá’ís and friends of the Faith, anywhere.  We draw no distinction between professional artist and amateur.  We adhere to no particular school or style but strive to share everyone’s contributions in written and visual arts.  Some very limited materials in Spanish and Persian may also find a home at Tokens.  We seek to share contributions that reflect some aspect of a spiritual journey in an authentic voice, but the subject need not be explicitly Bahá’í or even religious in nature.  However, the magazine reflects the values and standards of that community.

We publish Tokens magazine only in print form as part of our commitment to our literary heritage.  It is printed on acid-free and lignin-free paper using stable inks and is bound with stainless steel staples for long life.  When you hold a copy of Tokens in your hands you will feel even closer to the artists and poets who have contributed to it.